The Connector: Donna Ricardo has owned Asentiv Denver for one year. She is passionate about what she does because she enjoys connecting people with one another.

Asentiv Denver, owned by Donna Ricardo and her husband Forrest Pickett, joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce a few months ago because it is a natural fit for what Asentiv focuses on. “Everyone [Chamber members] is friendly and connected and the effort of everyone to introduce people to each other is great, said Donna Ricardo, co-owner of Asentiv Denver. “I think this chamber is open, fun, and friendly.”

Asentiv, now an international company in 60 regions in four continents, was founded by four entrepreneurs with the same beliefs. They understand that vision because they have it themselves. They relate to the tireless pursuit because they do it themselves every day. They understand stretching yourself, and the discomfort of being vulnerable in personal development because they do it themselves. They know that entrepreneurial vision is attainable because they have attained it themselves.

Most importantly, they can help others attain it because they understand the journey to get there. In 2015, they created the name Asentiv to represent their own vision of an uplifting, inspiring company that is entrepreneur focused.

Today, Asentiv provides entrepreneurs with the coaching, consulting, and engagement necessary for every entrepreneur to attain their vision of an amazing business and a spectacular life. “What I teach people to do is to be proactive on how they can generate the relationships that lead to referrals coming back to them rather than throwing them out there and wishing, hoping, and waiting for someone to throw a referral their way,” said Ricardo. “So this is my design.”

Asentiv Denver is for entrepreneurs, outside sales people or anyone building their business through relationships. “I’m very excited to do what I’m doing, said Ricardo. “I’m passionate about it because I think the connections with people are really important. All they really have is each other.”

In fact, Ricardo has always been a people person. “For many years I was involved in personal development training programs so I got really wel

l grounded in the coaching model and I really always liked that,” said Ricardo. “My former career, I was a hairdresser and it was all about people. Even then, I always liked the business aspect more.”

One of the key topics that Asentiv Denver can assist you and your business with is referral marketing. Referral marketing is the most rewarding way to grow your business, because you’re creating worthwhile relationships that extend beyond business. A critical but often unused sales process, they will help you perfect your referral strategy and ensure that your referral sources are providing more clients and closing more deals. They make the often difficult-to-understand topics of referral and sales strategies simpler, so you can gain more business with ease.

The business connections made through the workshops can be compared to the connections you make when you join a sports team or club. You’ll find yourself connecting and growing while gathering invaluable information that will attract clients and help you see immediate results.

Asentiv Denver’s next event is “Room Full Of Referrals” and will be held at the Koelbel Library, 5955 S. Holly St. from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on July 31, 2018. Normally priced at $149 for the session, readers of the Chronicle can mention this article for $100 off. Also, readers can get $500 off the $2,999 program called Certified Networker, a six-month course meeting bi-weekly.

In her spare time, Ricardo and her husband are competitive ballroom dancers. Ricardo is also a member of the Glendale Girls Club, a division of the Glendale Chamber.

To learn more about the workshops and events offered, visit You may reach Donna Ricardo directly at 303-449-0418 or via email