Community Minded: Avery Holder has worked at N2 Publishing for 10 years working with Life in the Park in Observatory Park in the University of Denver neighborhood.

Avery Holder has strong connections with community and neighborhoods. She has been with N2 Publishing for 10 years having worked as a photographer for a neighborhood prior to this. N2 Publishing creates customized, high-quality publications for members of exclusive communities so that, through resident-submitted stories and photos shared within, they can learn about their neighbors.

Holder is in charge of Life in the Park in the Observatory Park neighborhood in Denver distributing to 1,800 homes monthly. The publication is a glossy, neighborhood publication “Our intention is to turn neighborhoods back into communities,” said Holder. N2 Publishing partners with 30 different neighborhoods in Colorado including Hilltop, Lowry, Denver Country Club, Cherry Hills Village, and Bonnie Brae. Their publications have been in Colorado for the last decade.

If a company is looking to reach a specific, affluent community, their product is an ideal vehicle for their branding. They deliver custom, personal and community-specific publications monthly directly to residents’ doors.

Glossy Magazine: Life in the Park magazine is a high-end glossy magazine distributed to 1,800 homes on a monthly basis in the Observatory Park neighborhood.

Content is written by residents about their neighbors’ homes, yards, families, pets, kids, and recipes. The quality of the product has earned a high level of adoration and engagement within the communities they cover. They have their eyes and attention each month by sharing the stories and photos from the community.

Their residents shop differently and rely heavily on word of mouth experiences. N2 Publishing publications are the gateway into these communities and a proper way to introduce or brand a business to their residents.

The Glendale Chamber has been a good fit so far for Holder. “There are so many ways we can collaborate and the neighborhood is just right down the road,” said Holder. “I think there are some really fun ways to plug the business owners that I meet at the Chamber into the neighborhood and vice versa.”

One satisfied customer stated, “N2 Publishing is a first-class company, for businesses looking to connect with an affluent demographic and build their brand, my experience with their reps has been very positive. Another plus is the social events they do; I have been able to make a lot of connections.”

Holder and N2 Publishing host free monthly community events where residents have a chance to meet each other and their sponsors. The next event will be held on June 15, 2018, from 5  to 8 p.m. at Four Friends Kitchen located at 2070 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80210.

For more information, visit, email her at, or call 206-718-9283.