Dr. Jeff Johnston and Dr. Elizabeth Callen

On a sunny and pleasant Wednesday night in July the members of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce once again descended upon the offices of Ascent Dental Group (Dr. Jeff Johnston) and Callen Chiropractic (Dr. Elizabeth Callen).

Upon arrival guests were presented with an answer sheet for a health and wellness quiz that had been posted, question by question around the facilities – 25 in all.  With their sheets and a pen in hand I watched as they all eagerly fell to the quiz – which turned out to be a bit of a scavenger hunt, and a great mixer.  I for one found myself educated and enlightened by the questions.  Did you know that regular flossing can help reduce the risk of a heart attack?  It turns out that the same plaque found on your teeth is the same plaque found in the bloodstream of many heart attack victims.  I also learned that the last 5 vertebrae in the spine (sacrum) are fused together, but listed as 2 separate vertebrae groups?  S1 thru S4 that are fused forming the sacral group and S5 being the coccyx.

Kim Kaiser, Jonathan Bryant, and Art Collins

Those that showed up early enough to sign up were treated to a 10 minute chair massage from Callen Chiropractic, while Ascent Dental gave dental gift packs to all comers.

The food from Modmarket was fabulous: tasty sandwiches and fantastic mini kabobs – the basil chicken/mozzarella/tomato ones being my favorite, the caramelized onion “tarts” were phenomenal and unique in my experience.

One highlight of the evening was the raffle (just another great reason to show up for the BaH events).  Callen Chiropractic gave away a very nice water pillow as well as a few other gift packs, Ascent Dental gave away an electric toothbrush, while the “door prize” drawing consisted of potted plants suitable for outdoor planting, or the beautiful orchid I brought back to my office.

Samantha Sand, Dr. Johnston, and Michael Blanchettet

What more could you ask from a Glendale Chamber event: music, food, drinks, prizes, education and entertainment!  Please visit the websites of our co-hosts for more information on their businesses and look for the next BaH event from the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks for another great event!