1124 S. Colorado Blvd.

1124 S. Colorado Blvd.

Brian Manley, Randy Piscerchio, and Larry  Johnson have been affiliated with Colorado Gold Mart for twenty four years offering  24 hour customer service!

Well, 24 hours a day might be a slight exaggeration but according to Brian Manley it’s not that far off. Manley explains that it’s not unusual to get a call at 9:30pm on a Friday night from a husband looking for a last minute anniversary or birthday gift.

If this happens to you, don’t panic. Manley will meet you at the store, walk you through their specialty inventory, and help you to select not just a last minute gift but a special keepsake.

This superior level of customer service turns loyal clients into friends for life. Engagement rings, then a special gift for when the baby comes, through graduations, and anniversaries. “We get to watch our customers go through the joyful times of their lives.”

With a vast network of sources and superior knowledge of the business, Colorado Gold Mart serves as a personal shopper to help you select jewelry that fits your budget and meets your standards and expectations.

This is especially important given the large amount of engagement ring business conducted at Colorado Gold Mart. According to Manley men looking for the perfect ring sometimes find something they love but it doesn’t fit their budget. No worries, Colorado Gold Mart can work with them to find something beautiful. Colorado Gold Mart can even have a diamond delivered to the store for a customer’s approval. If it’s not the one, no problem, they’ll send it back and continue the search.

Larry Johnson, Brian Manley, and Randy Piscerchio

Larry Johnson, Brian Manley, and Randy Piscerchio

Besides jewelry, Colorado Gold Mart also sells collectibles, watches, and coins. They can custom design a breathtaking piece for you for any occasion. But what if you’re in the market to sell? “Don’t wait,” Manley says. “Gold is like found money. Anytime is a good time to sell.”

Before you shop anywhere else, visit the guys at Colorado Gold Mart. Says Manley, “Price shop us. I guarantee that if you come and see my prices and compare them to other stores, you will come back to Colorado Gold Mart.”

You can visit Colorado Gold Mart at 1124 S. Colorado Boulevard or give them a call at 303-692-0555.


Source material courtesy of The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle