Founder: Stephen Crockett founded Evolve Network Solutions in 2017 recognizing the need for a phone system that catered to the mobile business owner or employee.

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. Many businesses that have made the investment of a phone system are now faced with having to discard it and buy an entirely new one. What if a business were able to provide a sophisticated phone system that had regular updates much like Microsoft 365? Enter Evolve Network Solutions.

Evolve Network Solutions is a cloud-based phone system for the business customer started by Stephen Crockett in 2017. Complementary to their core is an open source approach to platform integration such as mobile, CRM, and social media apps. Evolve Network Solutions’ approach is both simple and flexible, making the customer experience a marked improvement over their previous solution.

The smartphone has taken over as the way to communicate with customers, clients, and the public. “We live in an unfettered work force,” said Stephen Crockett,” owner of Evolve Network Solutions. “People are on the road, working from home, or a small branch office somewhere. So now, there’s been a huge push to put the phone system on your smart phone.”

Users download an app and the business phone number is associated with that app for all incoming and outgoing phone calls. “It allows a business to look bigger and more professional,” said Crockett. The system can also answer calls for the business and prompt the caller to enter a number for the person they are trying to reach.

“We are a growing business in Denver who has always struggled with telephone and voice services,” said J. Eric Hill, Founder & CEO, OpenMedium, Inc. “We were introduced to Evolve Solutions for VoIP solutions and I cannot say enough great things about their product and services. The team at Evolve delivered above and beyond our expectations and we can now manage all of our staff, phone numbers, and mailboxes through a single unified VoIP platform. If you are struggling with juggling multiple phone numbers or legacy systems, I highly recommend reaching out to Evolve to consolidate your VoIP operations into a single management tool.”

Evolve Network Solutions values a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit. That is one of the reasons they joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “The type of service we provide and our target market fits in nicely with the Glendale Chamber,” said Crockett. “For me, the fit seems right. I look forward to engaging with the Chamber because it lines up so nicely.”

The team at Evolve Network Solutions has over 60 years of telecom and IT expertise in the fields of customer support, network architecture design, platform integration, and business development, the partnership at Evolve Network Solutions is committed to providing a boutique, white glove customer experience.

Pricing is competitive with the traditional phone systems that are installed. For unlimited phone calls and user support, $32/monthly for 1-10 users, $27.99/ monthly for 11-20 users, and 20 or more would require a custom quote.

For more information, contact Stephen Crockett at scrockett@evolvesolutionsinc .com or 303-645.4200, option 2. Visit for more information. Also, Chronicle readers can take advantage of a free 30-day trial when mentioning this article.