Fresh Look: All 210 rooms of the Hilton Garden Inn in Glendale’s CitySet were renovated with a fresh and modern look.

Renovation: The lobby of the hotel was part of a massive renovation by the Hilton Garden Inn in Glendale CitySet. It now features a more open concept where guests can eat, drink, network, work, and relax.

The Hilton Garden Inn Denver/Cherry Creek, owned by Stonebridge Companies, opened nearly 10 years ago in Glendale’s CitySet. Businesses have come and gone from CitySet but the Hilton Garden Inn has remained a fixture inside the shopping center. It has maintained 80% occupancy through the years, and with that comes wear and tear on a facility. The Hilton Garden Inn just completed a massive renovation that included remodeling the entire lobby, meeting space, and all 210 rooms.

Ten years is the industry standard to renovate and freshen a hotel as styles change rapidly. Gone are the dark orange, red, and brown colors that were popular in 2009. Now, the hotel features warm blue and grey colors that are popular today. “We wanted something a little fresher and a little more modern,” said Eric Hautzenrader, General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn in Glendale. “We’ve always been a unique HGI. We’re not a cookie cutter. We wanted to have a fresh updated look and it was the right time.”

All king rooms have converted the tubs in the bathrooms to a stand-up/curved shower. The sliding glass mirror doors on the closets have made way for open and big closets. The queen rooms kept the tubs for those families that wish to bathe their children in a traditional tub. “We made sure we covered all of the bases to make sure we didn’t get rid of something that somebody would want,” said Hautzenrader.

10 Years Young: The Hilton Garden Inn opened 10 years ago in Glendale CitySet and has been an anchor of the center ever since.

“When they [guests] come to a hotel, they want it to be a one stop shop,” said Hautzenrader. “We wanted to have our market and gift shop be able to fulfill those needs rather than just have them grab a candy bar and a coke. We expanded it significantly so we can offer more things. We can offer any kind of toiletry items, souvenir items, and expand our food offerings including beer and wine so when the restaurant or bar is closed, we’re still available for our guests to have whatever kind of amenities they want and have that be part of that.”


The lobby and bar area of the hotel features a more open concept for guests to spread out and do their work. “We’re trying to promote a social interaction,” said Hautzenrader. “The hotel wants an inviting atmosphere to draw people out of their rooms to enjoy the open concept.”

Renovations focused on a floor at a time for the seven-floor hotel. Guest reaction to date has been positive. Many guests are repeat customers. “We have our regular business travelers quite often,” said Perizae Oliver, Associate Area Director of Sales for Stonebridge Companies. “There’s a couple that I’ve been working with that has been staying here while their home is being remodeled.”

Communication with guests throughout the process was key. Hilton Garden Inn staff warned potential guests of the noise, dust, and commotion. They even shared what the rooms would look like when finished by having samples in the lobby. Guests appreciated the open communication, and this ultimately helped lessen the impact of the remodel.

The Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce has also helped mitigate the impact for guests. “The Chamber is a great organization,” said Hautzenrader. “We are thankful to be part of it. Having been around a time or two and been involved with other chambers, this one is active. The sincerity of the people inside the Chamber is definitely positive. They want to build win-win partnerships and that is fantastic. The City of Glendale has been fantastic to us as well.”

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