Ku Cha House of Tea in Cherry Creek North is more than just a delightful place to enjoy a cup of tea, it’s a cultural experience as well. Owner Rong Pan notes they have been serving the Rocky Mountain region since 2005 with stores in downtown Boulder and Fort Collins and now in Cherry Creek at 2445 E. 3rd Avenue. She says Denver area customers had been pleading with them to open a store in Denver and they are excited to open a third Ku Cha House of Tea at the Cherry Creek North location. Pan explains, “We are a unique tea company deeply rooted in our native Chinese culture. Our mission is ‘Whole Leaf, Whole Life’, which promotes a simple and healthy lifestyle by providing authentic tea experiences to the community.”

Ku Cha offers 170 high quality loose leaf teas from around the world. They import teas directly from countries like China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka. And they also create their own unique tea blends like the popular Mile High Chai. Their highly trained employees, they call them “teammates,” help customers explore the store and tea collections. Pan explains the teammates talk to customers to determine what kind of flavor profiles they prefer, what kinds of health benefits they are looking for and then offer suggestions and recommendations to match each particular customer’s desire. Pan adds, “We offer freshly brewed tea samples all day long. We also offer customized sampling so people can taste a tea before they buy it.”

Ku Cha House of Tea also provides a BYOT station — or “Blend Your Own Tea.” Customers can select from 50 organic herbs and teas to mix and create their unique blend by following Ku Cha’s simple blending guideline. For example, Pan says, “A customer just created her own ‘cough blend’ by mixing sage, peppermint and elder flowers at their BYOT station. We’ve also seen customers blend weight loss tea, detox tea, circulation tea and calming tea. The possibilities are endless.”

 Pan says all of their teas are natural and freshly packed at the store to serve their health-conscious customers. “Our goal is to introduce people to the many pleasures of worldly teas and to serve all of our customers with the finest quality teas and accessories in the world.”

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for a tea lover Ku Cha House of Tea offers unique gifts as well. Ran cites Matcha gift boxes, tea spa gift sets, as well as culturally significant tea ware and utensils, as just some of the items you can find at the store.

She says stay tuned for their seasonal blend, “Winter Wonderland” coming December 1. Pan describes it as “a cup of tea for everything wintery.”

For more information visit Ku Cha House of Tea at 2445 E. 3rd Avenue or call 303-322-0183 or online at www.Kuchatea.com.



Ku Cha Holiday Tea: Starting December 1, Ku Cha House of Tea will feature a seasonal blend, Winter Wonderland. Toasted walnuts add a warm sweetness for cozying up by the fire, while rosemary and apple give a crisp brightness. Golden sugar stars dissolve in a blizzard of sparkles that will have you walking in a winter wonderland.


Whole Leaf, Whole Life: Ku Cha House of Tea at 2445 E. 3rd Avenue in Denver offers 170 high quality teas from around the world. Their mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing customers a unique tea experience.