Good Vibes: Esters Neighborhood Pub prides itself on being a family friendly gathering spot with good food, good people, and a fun vibe.

Proud Owner: Paul Sullivan, pictured, and his wife Emily Brown, opened the first Esters Neighborhood Pub in Virginia Village in 2015. They opened their third location in November 2022 in Wheat Ridge.

Esters Neighborhood Pub opened its third location on November 17, 2022, in Wheat Ridge. Esters took over the location formerly occupied by Davies Chuck Wagon Diner in Gold’s Marketplace. Gold’s Marketplace was renamed in 2021 after former Gold’s Corner Grocery, which operated in the shopping center from 1988 until 2014. Bob Gold and his wife JoAnn owned the 12,000-square-foot grocery store for over 20 years. The property has a rich history dating back to 1958.

The Gold’s Marketplace location opportunity came up during the time of the COVID pandemic. “At the time, we were not looking to do another restaurant and we [Sullivan’s wife Emily Brown] got a call from the people who own the building and we came out and looked at it and we thought this was a perfect spot for a lot of reasons,” said Paul Sullivan, owner of Esters Neighborhood Pub. “It’s a really cool old building.”

“Emily and I love going into spots that have been in the neighborhood and that are older buildings,” said Sullivan. “We’re not huge fans of ripping down buildings and building new ones. The neighborhood itself reminds my wife and I of the neighborhood we live in [Virginia Village]. It’s an area with young families, great houses, really nice schools, not a lot of restaurants, and that is why we made the decision to come here.”

New Location: Esters Neighborhood Pub opened its third location in a spot formerly occupied by Davies Chuck Wagon Diner in Gold’s Marketplace in Wheat Ridge.

The decision is paying off in the first few 

months of operations on a number of levels. This includes dealing with the city of Wheat Ridge. “Wheat Ridge has been incredibly welcoming and accommodating for Esters,” said Sullivan. “The neighborhood seemed to want it and it has been a nice surprise for us. The city of Wheat Ridge has been willing and the business community has really come together.”

Business at this location is also off to a good start. “The first few months in, this location has been busier than the other two when they started,” said Sullivan. “Overall it’s been a nice start.” Esters has kept the same architects throughout each rebuild and it has gotten better with each opening.

The back of house systems have changed as Esters has expanded. They have gotten better at designing the kitchen, which makes for an improved front of house experience. Also, this third location has more parking than the other two restaurants combined.

What can guests expect to be the same through all three locations? “We want Esters to look and feel the same with a focus on our co-workers,” said Sullivan. “Emily’s and my main focus, and most important thing, are the co-workers. We try to keep that the same. Really nice people, good culture, and vibe.”

Also, the beer tap list will be familiar throughout all locations. There are 20 draft handles in each location and 16 are the same throughout with four as rotating handles featuring local breweries. The menu is exactly the same at each location which features pizzas, salads, and wings.

Esters Neighborhood Pubs are located at 1950 S. Holly St. and 2201 Oneida St. in Denver, and 10151 W. 26th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. Visit for more information, make a reservation, or order online.