Lauren Shrensky from Nutritious ULongtime Glendale Chamber of Commerce Ambassador and real estate broker for Colorado Realty Professionals LLC Lauren Shrensky has started a new business and is hoping to make 2012 a little bit healthier for everyone.

Nutritious U started with a passion for baking and the desire to feed family and friends with wholesome healthy treats that wouldn’t pack on the pounds. From a home kitchen to a professional baking kitchen in just a few short months, Shrensky has perfected her recipes and is proud to deliver baked goods that are healthy and delicious.

“I have a passion for health and fitness so I wanted to make sure that Nutritious U products were great snacks that provided the nutrition and sustenance people need,” Shrensky explained.

A life-long soccer player, Lauren has worked for professional sports teams and even owned a kickboxing gym. She has always enjoyed baking for her friends and family and decided to combine her love for baked goods, health and nutrition into a recipe that would work for her and health conscious people everywhere.

After acquiring her certification in Health and Wellness and Sports Nutrition, Lauren executed on her dream of making the best possible products with the best possible ingredients, always mindful that those ingredients must align with dietary restrictions so prevalent today.

Nutritious U products are gluten free and are made with all natural ingredients which is extremely important to fitness gurus and athletes.

“I love the bars because they contain chia seeds which I believe are going to be the next generation super food,” said Greg Tanner who is a 15x Ironman finisher, National Champion Triathlete and an Elite Duathlete.

According to Shrensky, Nutritious U products help you eat right while training without sacrificing the flavor in the process.

“We do not use any preservatives or ingredients you can’t pronounce,” Shrensky said.  “The bars can be used as a snack or as fuel during long races and the cookies are great when you are looking for something sweet but don’t want to waste calories.”

Fits Conditioning Owner and competitive triathlete Clifford Drusinsky is a firm believer in Nutritious U products.

“I use Nutritious U as my energy source. Not only are the products packed with the best carbs, proteins and fats, but they also taste amazing,” he said.  “From traveling to midday snacks to using as a dessert Nutritious U makes healthy eating enjoyable.”

As Nutritious U gains popularity, businesses all over Denver are snapping up Shrensky’s products.  TriBella, a local women’s triathlon store located at 10th and Bannock, will begin carrying Nutritious U bars this spring.  Shrensky will be doing a sampling at one of TriBella’s nutrition clinics on March 14.   Then on March 28, from 4 to 8 p.m., Shrensky will be at Matrix Fitness and Spa located at 9th and Lincoln for another product sampling.

“I know there are a ton of bars on the market and everyone has their favorites but you won’t be disappointed when you try a Nutritious U bar or cookie,” Shrensky said.  “The price per pack is $3 and you will be able to pick them up individually at TriBella this spring.”

She added, “If you can’t wait until then, you can buy them by the case online.  We should have a few more stores coming soon!”

For more information visit Nutritious U.

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