Reverse Mortgages: What separates reverse mortgage lenders is their knowledge, experience, and their attention to the detail that makes the program easy to understand and the process simple. When you are working with 1st Reverse Mortgage USA or a member of the 1st Reverse Mortgage USA lender network you can have peace of mind in knowing they have met certain standards of excellence and are backed by some of the leading experts in the industry.

Holly Frachetti, Senior Loan Consultant/Account Executive for 1st Mortgage Solutions USA, a division of Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc., has been an active member of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce for a few months. Frachetti has been helping clients with mortgages since 1997 after a career as a CPA.

Experienced Account Executive: Holly Frachetti has been in the mortgage industry for 21. Her forte is helping people find the best financial product to meet their mortgage needs.

Frachetti, a Colorado native, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Northern Colorado. But mortgages have been her livelihood for 21 years. And, 1st Mortgage Solutions USA has been a good fit for her skill set since joining the firm in September 2017. “The value system that I have is why I joined this company,” said Frachetti. “They have a good reputation and they take care of their clients and employees. [The] quality of service, quality of people, and the integrity of their work [is important].”

1st Mortgage Solutions USA attributes much of the credit for their success to active ownership, talented professionals (such as Frachetti) focused on long-term relationships, conservative underwriting standards, and honoring their commitments.

1st Mortgage also has over a decade of experience in the reverse mortgage industry. They have a division called 1st Reverse Mortgage USA. The Reverse Mortgage fulfillment center in Lakewood processes, underwrites, and funds all loans in house.

Keeping the mortgages in house allows for a more personal and hands-on approach. “I listen first,” said Frachetti. “Then based on my experience, I make recommendations to best meet the needs of those I serve. It’s that simple. We are not a one-size-fits all mortgage lender. It’s vitally important our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re on solid financial ground.”

One of the first orders of business

Client First: 1st Mortgage Solutions USA, located in Lakewood, is a national, full-service mortgage company.

for Frachetti was to join the Glendale Chamber. “The Chamber has been wonderful,” said Frachetti. “It’s been nice to connect with the businesses in it because I am generally business to business. People in the Chamber are very approachable and interactive.”

Frachetti has a high service mentality and cares deeply about helping people. Extending beyond the mortgage banking profession, her volunteer activities include Boy Scouts of America Troop 712 and Cherry Creek Public Schools. Frachetti enjoys spending time with her 16-year-old son, hiking, and camping.

For more information about 1st Mortgage Solutions USA, visit www.1st Reach Holly Frachetti directly by calling 303-854-3210