Ku Cha House of Tea’s mission is “Whole leaf, whole life” and owner Rong Pan says they are doing their best to promote a simple and healthy lifestyle during these challenging times. The Cherry Creek North shop will be re-opening May 8, 2020, and Ku Cha House of Tea continues its mission with online promotions and education.

Pan says, “We stay in touch with our customers through weekly email newsletters, tea blogs and social media updates.” She says they are especially active updating their blog during this “stay-at-home” period with a lot of interesting topics like tea to boost immunity, tea and food pairing and tea to help with allergies. She encourages people to check out the blogs at www.kuchatea.com/blog.

Pan explains teas offer important health benefits. “We have quite a few good teas for immunity support such as our Organic ImmuniTea and our Organic Green Chrysanthemum, a special Ku Cha green tea blend to embrace the power of Chrysanthemum and it supports lung health, fights colds and flus, aids high blood pressure and improves vision.” Pan says they are offering free samples of the Organic Green Chrysanthemum tea with every online order.

Pan points out the Organic ImmuniTea is a caffeine-free herbal tea designed to boost immunity. She adds, “We also have Chamomile, an herb famous for its abilities to soothe nerves and promote relaxation and sleep, something we all need in the extreme as stress and anxiety attacks us all day.”

Other calming herbal blends include Organic Cloud Chaser, Organic CHA-Relax and Organic Night Time Blend.

Pan says Ku Cha Tea will continue to offer free shipping for local customers in Denver, Boulder and Larimer counties.

Ku Cha Tea offers 170 high quality loose leaf teas from around the world and you can get more information at www.kuchatea.com.

You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook (#kuchatea).