Local Guy: Shawn Harrel has been Regional Sales Director for EnergyWare in the Mountain Region for the last three years.

Since 2015, EnergyWare has been one of the most experienced and respected energy efficiency firms in the United States. Customers from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., have entrusted their organization to enhance their lighting infrastructure. They design and implement with the intention of exceeding their clients’ expectations for safety quality, aesthetics, achieving targeted ROI’s and savings.

Shawn Harrel has been Regional Sales Director in the Mountain Region for the last three years. And, in those last three years, EnergyWare has grown 700%. A member of the Chamber since November 2019, Harrel understands the need to be connected to the business community. “I met Jeff, who is a phenome

Energy Efficient: EnergyWare has grown 700% in the last three years. They help companies become more energy efficient.

nal man, a couple of years ago and started to do some business in the city,” said Harrel. “I started talking to him and learned of all the things we could do together; it was a no brainer to join. Glendale is a unique city by itself anyway. There’s a lot of opportunity for business there. Besides liking the people, the business opportunity was the main reason [to join].”

EnergyWare is a full-service, nation-wide Energy Efficiency, Smart Technology design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company with customers in 35 states. “We look at a business whether it be a warehouse or apartment complex,” said Harrel. “For the most part everybody has lights, an air conditioner, heater and water. We’re going into these properties and making them more efficient.”

“We’re looking at the lights and converting them to LED. We are also looking at the water consumption. Maybe there are leaks somewhere or low flow toilets make sense.” Is there an opportunity to do solar? We go into properties to see if there is a way for them to be more energy efficient.”

The first meeting with a company takes approximately 15-30 minutes to see if a full audit makes sense. That audit is no obligation to purchase anything and free of charge.

With boots on the ground throughout the United States, EnergyWare understands that energy efficiency technology is more than just products. Their experience in managing multi-state location installations simultaneously, while ensuring workplace safety, yields acute solutions for their customers that are sustainable and most importantly, safe.

Over 97% of EnergyWare customers would highly recommend their products and services. Strengthen your relationship with parents, teachers, students and local community with an energy efficacy solution.

With over 500 representatives strategically placed throughout the United States, EnergyWare is uniquely positioned to reduce overall investment while maintaining best-in-breed technology along with highly trained and motivated workforce. Although EnergyWare operates within a multi-billion-dollar industry, it delivers enterprise solutions with a localized approach.

If a company signs on with EnergyWare, they handle everything from rebates to installation with their own contractors. It’s a cleaner approach and allows for everything to be done efficient and up to standards.

For more information about EnergyWare, visit www.energywarellc.com or call Shawn Harrel at 720-316-0773.