Laura Lieff Head Shot 1The Greater Glendale Chamber is known for it’s multi-hyphenate members. Our members are talented, often in several, diverse and unexpected ways. Long time member and Chamber Ambassador, Laura Lieff is exactly that kind of member. Multi-talented, Lieff is the former Executive Editor of The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and current head writer and music guru at Lieff Ink.

Lieff is a longtime journalist with expertise in content writing for her client’s blogs and websites. “I’ve covered a wide range of topics and I’ve learned that if I can research it I can write about it.” While a gifted and accomplished writer, Lieff’s multi-hyphenate skill set also includes tutor, teacher’s assistant, and substitute teacher at Colorado Mountain College. Says Lieff, “It’s been interesting to take my background in writing and publishing and teach those skills to students.”


If you stop by her website you’ll notice that she is skilled at writing in a variety of genres including human interest, current events, and music. In fact, Lieff grew up in the music business. Her Miami based family founded and operated a chain of music stores called Spec’s Music so it’s not a stretch to say that it’s in her blood. Her knowledge and insight into the music business is showcased often on her blog and you can tune into her radio show, Bite the Bullet, on 107.9 Radio Free Minturn KLNX.

Although Lieff is now home based in the Vail Valley her roots run deep in Glendale. Referring to herself as a “satellite ambassador” Lieff goes on to to say, “The Glendale Chamber is a great organization that brings people to together…I love the people and I’ve learned so much from them.”

Lieff continues to work locally editing and writing features on a wide range of topics. She’s also a copy editor and writer for the Cordillera Life Magazine in the Vail Valley.

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Be sure to visit her website, follow her blog, and catch Bite the Bullet on Wednesdays from 5:00pm-7:00pm on 107.9 FM in Eagle County or at