After spending seven years in Glendale, Laura Lieff moved to the Vail Valley in September 2013 where she operates Lieff Ink, her writing, editing, and PR business. Lieff Ink specializes in writing and editing website content, press releases, resumes, newsletters, and social media, among other services, for a variety of clients. A longtime journalist and editor, Lieff applies her extensive experience working for newspapers and magazines to her clients’ writing and editing needs.

“Everyone needs a skilled writer and editor to ensure they are effectively getting their message across,” says Lieff. “Whether that’s through website content, cover letters, or article submissions for media outlets, words always matter and it’s my job to make sure those words are well-written.”

Lieff’s scope of writing covers a variety of platforms — including restaurant menus, speeches, brochures, pamphlets, and advertising content for local publications. Her current and past clients consist of catering companies, accounting firms, spas, flower shops, photographers, law firms, restaurants, and snowboard companies, among many others. Lieff also works well with graphic designers who build websites around the content she creates.

When she’s not writing and editing content for her clients, Lieff is working with college students at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards where she is a tutor and teaching assistant. She also specializes in helping high school seniors with their college entrance essays.

“Applying my journalist background to teaching college students has been very rewarding,” Lieff says. “They work extremely hard to advance their writing abilities and it’s exciting to show the next generation that writing has and will always be an important skill.”

Although Lieff is no longer living in Glendale, she is thrilled to continue her involvement with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. An Ambassador since 2011, she has seen the Chamber grow exponentially and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the Board, fellow Ambassadors, and various members.

“Glendale has been a major part of my life since 2007 and I hope that will always be the case,” Lieff says. “While working at the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle I learned so much from publisher and Chamber Board member Chuck Bonniwell, and I am continuing to learn from the people I meet through the Chamber.”


As a longtime supporter of the Chamber, Lieff reiterates how many business opportunities result from membership — especially networking. She notes that the organization provides a platform for people from all types of businesses and backgrounds to meet and work together which is one of the many aspects that sets the Glendale Chamber apart from others.

She adds, “It’s also a fun and vibrant group of people who understand the importance of maintaining professional relationships. Every time I attend a meeting or an event I encounter someone new and learn something new.”

In addition to Lieff Ink and Colorado Mountain College, Lieff hosts a weekly radio show called Bite the Bullet on Friday nights from 5 to 7 p.m. on Radio Free Minturn.

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Laura Lieff