Dr. Thomas A. Bonbright and his team at Lowry Advanced Dentistry provide patients in the Greater Glendale area with a wide range of services including the Teeth Tomorrow, Full-Arch Bridge — the Permanent Solution to major dental issues. Founded in 1955 by Dr. Bonbright’s father, John H. Bonbright, Lowry Advanced Dentistry is a well-established practice that has met the community’s dental needs for over six decades.

Many of his clients have been visiting the same office since the 1950s. Now, some of those clients have taken advantage of Teeth Tomorrow, a franchise Dr. Bonbright purchased a year ago. “The reason I got into Teeth Tomorrow is because I have a passion for doing teeth implant reconstruction and the surgical phase of it,” said Bonbright.

Millions of Americans suffer from debilitating dental problems that drastically affect their physical and psychological wellness. The saddest part is that these problems not only keep you from enjoying everyday life, but can rob you of your self-esteem.

You can put an end to the suffering, embarrassment, and inconvenience caused by your missing and failing teeth. You can enjoy eating again and be proud of your smile. Most importantly, you can significantly improve your overall health by eliminating disease and infections in your mouth, and becoming pain-free.

Teeth Tomorrow provides permanent, natural looking teeth, custom-made to your personal requirements. You never have to take them out. You brush them just like normal teeth, and you can eat and smile with confidence.

Moreover, the final Prettau Zirconia full-arch bridge produced for Teeth Tomorrow is the only solution backed by two major studies in the highly acclaimed Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. “What this is, is life changing,” said Bonbright. “That’s all there is to it.”

After your free initial consultation, there are as few as four appointments in the Teeth Tomorrow process. The entire package is approximately $30,000 and many people have decided it is well worth the money.

The Teeth Tomorrow Prettau Zirconia bridge is designed to last a lifetime. Of 2,039 Prettau Zirconia bridges produced by the lab that provides all Teeth Tomorrow final bridges, only nine have had to be returned in the past five years. Don’t be fooled by warranties. Even if a bridge carries a warranty, it still needs to be removed and replaced if it chips, breaks or fractures.

According to Dr. Bonbright, the surgery takes about two hours. The finished product is one that Dr. Bonbright is proud to implant. Finished Prettau Zirconia bridges resist the fading, staining, and discoloration associated with other dental materials.

Chamber members will receive a complimentary exam, cat scan and $2,000 off the Teeth Tomorrow procedure when mentioning this article. Lowry Advanced Dentistry is located at 7201 E. 8th Ave. in Denver. Call 303-333-5148 or visit www.teethtomorrow denver.com for more information.


Before And After: Every Teeth Tomorrow Prettau Zirconia bridge enables the patient to bite, chew, and speak without experiencing any shifting, slipping, or pain. Once Dr. Bonbright and the patient approve a 3-D computer image model, the bridge is customized and hand-finished to create a natural-looking smile that is virtually indistinguishable from healthy teeth and gums.