Joe Chavez was born and raised in Colorado, and after spending most of his adult life in New Hampshire, he moved back to Colorado to take care of his parents. He is happy to be back and has wasted no time jumping into his next business adventure in addition to joining the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce.

Chavez just changed his business from a sole proprietorship to an LLC in 2018 and has been in business since 1995. He started out marketing for a jewelry company, car washes, restaurants and service stations in 1995. Then, he added gathering petition signatures in 2000. He then progressed to managing marketing and political projects mainly in Colorado and Texas. Now, Chavez works nationwide.

The business loan world has changed to say the least, and small to mid-sized businesses are finding it more and more difficult to gain access to working capital and business loans alike. Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions provides small business loan options to business owners across America with access to the working capital or financing they need in from this otherwise lenderless world.

Mom & Pop’s options are flexible and customized to fit a business owner’s needs. Clients use the working capital Mom & Pop provides to renovate, expand, buyout partnerships, increase inventory, add additional advertising, or catch up on unpaid bills, rents, leases or taxes.

Unlike FDIC insured banks and traditional lending agencies, their funding procedures are much faster and simple to access for business owners. “We are not just a funding company,” said Chavez. “We try to help companies expand their business in any way that we can and we can also contact other firms that can help with their expansion needs.”

Mom & Pop Merchant Solutions can provide loans for businesses needing funds for any purpose from $2,500 to $1,000,000. What they can also do is help businesses, candidates, political issue committees needing face to face communication for sales, marketing or signature gathering. They specialize in canvassing door to door, business to business, and locations marketing for auto and roof hail damage, restaurants, car wash, political candidates and issue petitions.

For more information, call Joe Chavez 512-783-9291 or email him at CACAGLLC