Not only does local attorney Elizabeth Lewis champion small business owners but she herself comes from a long line of self-starters. Her father, grandfathers, and her great grandmother all owned their own companies and Lewis is following in their entrepreneurial footsteps. Lewis is the proud owner of E.C. Lewis, P.C., a law firm located in Cherry Creek. “I love working with small businesses,” says Lewis. “People are excited and it’s fun to be a part of that.”

ElizabethLewis_1Armed with a law degree from DU and a Master of Science in Computer Information and Technology, Lewis is ready to help business owners specializing in IT and e-commerce get prepared and stay in the know when it comes to the  ever-changing world of government regulations, and tax and insurance rules. From website agreements to 40 page general contracts or lease agreements, Lewis and her firm are available to evaluate all the paperwork and then provide customers with the information they need to make the best possible business decisions.

“Like most contracts, it’s not the kind of thing that seems like a big deal until all of a sudden it’s a huge deal.” Handling the small details to prevent big problems later is a service that the Law Office of E.C. Lewis, P.C. can provide for long established companies or start-ups.  Lewis compares starting a new business to getting married. “They’re in love with the business idea and think everything is going to be great.” Next thing you know, the honeymoon is over and the parties are looking to make a clean break. However, with no paperwork in place a business divorce can be painful and expensive. The solution? A business prenup which can make unwinding an agreement stress free and fair to everyone involved.

Lewis just celebrated her company’s five year anniversary. Looking back, Lewis says, “I was three months pregnant when I went out on my own. After my son was born, he probably did more marketing for me than anyone else. And now, five years later I have a thriving law firm and not one but two kids!”

The Glendale Chamber has been a great place for Lewis to network and get to know other small business owners. “You will spend more time and money on your business than you thought you would. But you’re building your dream and it’s worth it.”

If you need some advice on contracts or legal agreements give Elizabeth Lewis a call. A valued member of your chamber she’s here to help you and your business.

Contact her at 720-258-6647 or visit her website at www.eclewis.com for more information.