GM: Terry Minnick is the GM of Mercedes Benz of Denver and has celebrated 36 years in the auto industry in Colorado.

New Model: The new 2021 E Class Sedan is in the showroom at Mercedes Benz of Denver. It is an all-terrain vehicle with a refreshed exterior and a restyled cabin.

Terry Minnick, GM of Mercedes Benz of Denver, has been in the car industry in Colorado for 36 years. He took over as GM of the Glendale location on Colorado Boulevard in April 2019. The Glendale showroom is one of the largest showrooms for Mercedes Benz in the country and can have 70 cars on display at any given time.

This location, although in an ideal location, has struggled through the years. That is, until Minnick took over. “We changed the culture to a culture of people who care about the kind of a job they do, and how they treat people, and how we treat each other,” said Terry Minnick, GM of Mercedes Benz of Denver. “That has made a significant difference. The staff wants to come to work and do their job. We went from very unsuccessful to successful in a short period of time. It’s all because of good people.”

Minnick recognizes that the car industry is highly competitive. “We celebrate our wins and learn from our mistakes,” said Minnick. “The car business is a tough environment and very competitive.” Beyond the competition, it always comes back to the customer. “We care and we want them [customers] to have not just a good experience but trust the advice that we give and know that what we charge is fair for what we do,” said Minnick. “We have the lowest labor rate of any of the Mercedes dealers in the Metro area. That is deliberate.”

In addition to the great customer service and knowledgeable staff, Mercedes Benz of Denver offers a fair price. “The used car philosophy for Sonic [Sonic Automotive owns this dealership] is one price,” said Minnick. “They use all kinds of different algorithms and things to figure out what a car should be priced at and if a used car is priced too high, they flat drop the price. I have to be the best price and not just by a little bit. It’s got to be to the point where people go, wow. As a result, we have a lot of people from out of state trying to buy cars here and you’ll get 2 or 3 people in the same car. That’s difficult to manage because someone always gets disappoint

Large Showroom: The showroom at Mercedes Benz of Denver can accommodate up to 70 cars at once. It is one of the largest Mercedes showrooms in the country.


With the prices where they are, this dealership enjoys an 85% turnover in their inventory every 35 days. And, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Mercedes Benz of Denver has been thriving. “Our business as a whole has been setting records during it [Covid-19 pandemic],” said Minnick.

One of the new arrivals that is worth a look is the mid-cycle update of the E-Class lineup (an all-terrain sedan). “This wagon is now an all-terrain setup which is very new for Mercedes Benz in terms of a passenger car,” said Minnick. “It’s got a really cool look to it.” The changes for 2021 apply to the sedan as well as the coupe and cabriolet models. The updates include revised front and rear styling, an all-new steering wheel design, the latest MBUX infotainment system, and enhanced driver-assistance technology. The E450 replaces its twin-turbo V-6 with a new turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine.

Selling cars and servicing them is the name of the game for Mercedes Benz of Denver. But they also are committed to giving back to the community. That includes joining the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “I really like the model of this Chamber,” said Minnick. “It seems more genuine and neighborhood and community focused which is what I like.”

Mercedes Benz is open to holding charity events in their showroom to help support local charities. “We do a lot of fun charity stuff,” said Minnick. “We do a lot with National Jewish and Children’s Hospital.” But, Minnick points out that it doesn’t matter what charity it is, they are willing to offer their showroom for a worthy cause.

The latest promotion from this dealership is a tire sale. From December 1, 2020 – January 31, 2021, customers can instantly get $150 off a set of four, or $75 off a pair, of two eligible OEM, OEA, or WIN tires from Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli. Tires must be installed on a Mercedes Benz vehicle by February 7, 2021, in order to be eligible. Dealers must use the MB BQ part number on a customer pay RO line.

Mercedes Benz of Denver is located at 940 South Colorado Blvd, in Glendale. For more information and for an up-to-date list of their inventory, visit