Hampton Inn Leadership: Deena James, Director of Sales of Hampton Inn & Suites – Denver Cherry Creek, left, and Annisa Thomas, General Manager of Hampton Inn & Suites – Denver Cherry Creek, are actively getting engaged in the community.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Denver – Cherry Creek located in Glendale, has been a member of the Chamber for a long time. They have been through a remodel and changes in management through the years. Now, Annisa Thomas is celebrating her one year anniversary as the General Manager and has a team that has worked well together through these trying times.

“One of the positives to come out of this Covid situation is that it made my team stronger,” said Annisa Thomas, General Manager of the Hampton Inn & Suites Denver – Cherry Creek. “Of course I had to reduce my labor force quite a bit in March but I kept some team members and it allowed us an opportunity to focus and become stronger in working together as a team. That was one of the best things that came out of this situation.”

The Hampton Inn has had to take a step back and figure out what the hospitality business looks like in 2020 and beyond. “We have had to step back and regroup,” said Thomas. “We are still in the hospitality business. How can we still be hospitable with a mask when you can’t see my face? How do we continue to provide the services that every guest has become accustomed to? Those are the struggles that every hotel is dealing with. It all comes back to communication and getting back to the basics. Making everyone feel warm and welcome when they approach the desk but recognizing there are guidelines we need to play by.”

“One thing that has always remained important to Thomas is the community. “One thing that is important to Deena [Deena James, Director of Sales] and I is that we want to be vested in our community,” said Thomas. “That is one of our focuses. We want the community to know we are not just a footprint here. We want to be more involved. We want to find a few nonprofits within our community that we can partner with, whether it’s a school or any other nonprofit that could use some extra help and hands that we can vest in. That’s where our strengths are. We like to volunteer time and lend a hand.”

Being invested in the community starts with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “Being a Chamber member for the length of time that we have been, both Deena and I are fully aware of the investment,” said Thomas. “When you put it into the Chamber, you know that you’ll get it back. So that has always been my theory with making the connections, networking, and utilizing the Chamber as a resource.”

“In the amount of time that Annisa and I have been active, everybody has been so accommodating and how they can help and what resources do we need and what people do you want to meet and what do you want to get out of the Chamber,” said Deena James, Director of Sales of the Hampton Inn & Suites Denver – Cherry Creek. “Very personal and welcoming, it seems like a great organization and we look forward to becoming more involved.”

Hampton Inn & Suites Denver – Cherry Creek is located at 4150 E. Kentucky Ave. in Glendale. Mention this article and the “Glendale Chamber Holiday Rate” and book a room for $79 per night available from November 20 to December 27, 2020. For more information, call 303-692 -1800 or visit www.hicherrycreek.com.