Owner: Cynthia Hardiman, owner of My Natural Calling Senior Services has turned her passion for helping seniors into a thriving senior consultant and referral business.

The good news is people are living healthier, longer lives than ever before. But the reality is that many, some estimate seven out of 10 people, will need some type of assisted care services at some point, either in their home, through the community or in a facility. How do you decide what’s best for you and your family?

Cynthia Hardiman, owner of My Natural Calling Senior Services says, “Let me do the work for you.” She notes, “Allowing a caregiver or companion into your home or moving to a new home is one of the most important life changing decisions to make.” Hardiman is a healthcare professional, consultant and referral service provider with over 37 years of senior care experience. She provides detailed assessments and evaluations at all home and facility settings to ensure the facility, company, organization or individual person will provide quality care and service based on you and your family’s needs.

Hardiman says the biggest question people have involves reliability. “When a family chooses to initiate homecare or facility living the question is ‘will this person or company be reliable.’ Families do not like different caregivers in and out of the home or high staff turnovers.” Hardiman adds, “Families want to be assured that their loved one will be safe with whom they trust to bring into the home or make their new home a good place to live. They want nurturing and genuine human interaction and normalcy as much as possible.” She explains, “I know the right questions to ask, what to look for in observation and what to expect from the administration and servicing staff. My research will help you determine who is best to provide the service you want for yourself, parent, grandparent or elder family member.”

This has been a passion of Hardiman’s since she was a little girl. “I believe that everyone has a natural calling to give or provide to the world. I was introduced to my calling at the age of eight when I would sneak out the back door of my home and visit the elderly people who lived on my street. I would see if they needed help with anything like making their bed, washing dishes or taking out the trash. I had no idea at that time I was developing a passion for a service that I would grow into as an adult.”

Hardiman has knowledge and experience in all areas of senior care, from Dementia/Alzheimer care, long term care, respite service, palliative hospice, companionship, independent/assistant living and in-home care service. “Finding time to research, visit and meet with marketing directors, tour facilities and staffing agencies can be difficult when you have a busy life and multiple responsibilities, “Hardiman points out. “I can handle all of that for you.”

Hardiman considers her business this way, “I believe the senior population chose me. I have in four decades cared for the Pre-Silent Generation, Holocaust Survivors, to now the Baby Boomer Generation. Seniors have always trusted me. Some have told me that they see a glow around me so they know they will be just fine with me taking care of them.”

For more information visit cynthiahardiman.com.