Take Your Business To The Next Level With MySocial HQ

These days technology occupies a huge role in our daily activities as most people spend a considerable amount of time using their smartphones, tablets and computers to communicate and do business. Because of this continuing trend, MySocial HQ provides the ability for customers to purchase goods and services through their chosen means of technology whenever they want in a convenient manner. In short, MySocial HQ has created an inexpensive way to keep a storefront open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also allows the customer to share these purchase opportunities with their friends and families through e-mail, text and social media.

According to Market Manager Mike Valenteen, “MySocial HQ is a leader in e-commerce for small businesses in that it provides the ability for customers to purchase goods and services where their customers are the most – on their smartphone, tablet or computer.”

A recent study by eMarketer projects that by the year 2016, one out of every four purchases will be done using a mobile device and many of these purchases will be recommended to friends and family through social media channels.

“People are more likely to purchase an item or service that comes recommended by people and sources they trust,” Valenteen explained. “As a small business you need to capitalize on this trend by utilizing mobile and social media technologies to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty. MySocial HQ provides your business with a customized cloud-based platform to significantly impact both areas for growth.”

MySocial HQ uses a single platform and helps to increase revenue and provide value in the following ways:

• Data Capture – An iPad placed in a convenient location provides the means to capture a customer’s name, birthday, e-mail and phone to strategically re-market to customers on an ongoing basis. The importance of accumulating a list of loyal customers cannot be underestimated as doing so adds tremendous value to the net worth of a business in the event of a sale, as well as providing some control over store revenues to help balance cash flow.

• Customer Loyalty – Allows for the creation of a special product offer to a new and existing database and delivers it using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and text. The business has total control of discount and profit margins, number of offers and the redemption period. Rewarding your loyal customers on a timely basis not only makes them more appreciative, they will also be inclined to share these offers with friends and family if prompted to do so.

• Mobile/Social Media – Post these special offers via Facebook and Twitter accounts. Customers can “share” your offers with their contacts via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and text, using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Use this feature to leverage the power of customer referrals as most people are more likely to visit a business that has been referred by a friend or family member.

• Analytics – Detailed analytics measure the success of your offers so you can re-segment and re-market to your database for more targeted marketing and better results. Using this feature will allow for the creation of a “VIP” rewards program designed for your customers that frequent your business the most.

While Valenteen sees opportunities for businesses all over the Cherry Creek Valley, he decided to join the Glendale Chamber of Commerce because of its positive reputation.

“The reason I joined the Glendale Chamber of Commerce is because in knowing Larry Harte and how he conducts himself amongst the local business community, I was confident that being affiliated with his Chamber would definitely provide valuable business connections for me,” he said. “Larry sincerely has the best interests of all of the Chamber members at heart and will go out of his way to make connections and introductions for businesses seeking to grow their network.”

Valenteen also noted that although he is a newer member, he has already benefited through the Chamber connections he’s made.

“All the members I have met are interested in networking and willing to make connections in an effort to help a business grow and thrive. Glendale has a great central location and the improvements made to the City over the past several years have made it a desirable place to conduct business.”

In the soon-to-be-released next version, MySocial HQ will provide a Rewards Check-In feature that will not only capture customer data, but will allow in-store rewards controlled by the business.

To learn more about how MySocial HQ can benefit your business, follow them on facebook, contact Mike Valenteen at 720-290-3410 or mvalenteen@mysocialhq.com for a free consultation.