IT For Small Businesses In The Heart Of Denver

Founders: Jonathan Fast and Rajev Sivarasa started Clarity six years ago when they both recognized the need that small businesses and non-profits had for IT.

 Many small- to medium-sized businesses do not have IT departments these days. Clarity, located in the heart of Denver, aims to serve as that IT department for companies. Clarity started six years ago by Jonathan Fast and Rajev Sivarasa, with the intent to serve and support the incredible variety of small businesses and non-profits scattered across the Denver metro area with customized, innovative solutions tailored directly to your business needs.

With more than 20 years in IT between them, they have worked for large companies and small ones, for-profits and non-profits, entrepreneurs, and ministries of all kinds. They love technology and they have a passion for leveraging it in new ways to save their clients time and money. “We are passionate about small businesses and growing businesses,” said Rajev Sivarasa, Director at Clarity. “What we specialize in is helping small businesses get their enterprise level of services and resources to help them scale to the next level.”

IT For Your Business: Clarity is a boutique IT company passionate about small businesses and non-profits.

They are able to take on your IT and let you focus on why you started your company in the first place: to do what you love. “We like to think of ourselves as serving a couple of roles,” said Sivarasa. “One is boots on the ground, we like to serve as their IT department. We also serve a higher function for management. We like to come in as a fractional CTO or CIO for the company and help them with the management consulting as well.”

Clarity has six employees and they are all local. Clarity does not outsource. “We want to be hands on,” said Sivarasa. “We want the phone to be live answered. That is the experience we want to provide because that is what we would want.”

Clarity will come on site to understand a business and where they are going and help them set up the resources to help them scale for the next 10 years. They love working with non-profit organizations and churches. Clients include Freshpack Produce, Inc., Sandstone Care, and Smartwire, just to name a few.

When it comes to IT consulting services and support, there are a lot of great options out there but few of them are geared specifically to you and your organization — with their one-size-fits-all packages and hefty price tags, it’s hard to know whether you’ve gotten the right solution for your company. That’s where Clarity comes in. “We’re not your typical IT company,” said Sivarasa. “That’s the reason we started this business. To make a difference and have a ton of fun while we are at it. We have aspirations to grow but not overnight. We want to take our time and pick our customers carefully and grow with it.”

Clarity is happy to work with contractors on your behalf during an office build-out to make sure you’ve got all the ports and infrastructure you need in place to make that space successful. They can help you give your staff some flexibility by enabling them to work off-site from anywhere with an Internet connection. They can assist with just about anything — from standing up directory services and managing data storage, to implementing new wifi security measures and supporting your endeavors in multimedia.

Most tech support firms tell you that you need a 24/7 solution but maybe your business only runs M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. — do you really want to be forced to pay for all those extra hours of availability when you rarely have a need for them? Maybe you just need a hand when things aren’t working the way they should be, a specialized set of skills to augment your existing workforce, or maybe you need support services for remote sites. Whatever your business needs, Clarity will build a solution tailor-made just for you and not everyone else that kind of looks like you. They’ve got more than 20 years of experience supporting all different platforms across numerous types of network environments and they pride themselves on being able to work through any problems they run into.

For more information, visit, or call 720-410-5280. Clarity is located at 66 S. Logan St. in Denver.