Glendale ChamberThe Greater Glendale Chamber front office is one extremely busy office! Some of the weekly projects include accounting duties, production of the weekly Newsletter, event planning, coordination of the monthly articles in The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle, database maintenance, and New Member packets. With a workload of this size one might expect to find a bustling cube farm full of harried employees running around at full speed in order to get through the many tasks that make our Chamber one of the best in the area.

Instead, walk into The Glendale Chamber offices on any given day and you will find one Sherri Dec2013highly organized, friendly, and unbelievably calm woman running the office like a well oiled machine! This one woman army is none other than Sherri Liebhauser. A regular chamber member since 2006, Liebhauser has been running the office since 2011 and according to her, “There has never been one dull moment in four years!”

Member relations is just part of what Liebhauser coordinates. She is also an integral part of the behind the scenes activities that help keep the Glendale Chamber connected to it’s membership and the membership connected to one another. For instance, every time you RSVP to an event, change locations, or pay your dues, Liebhauser is right there to maintain order so that your nametag is waiting for you, your contact information is updated both internally and on the website, and your dues are properly credited. In short Liebhauser is incredibly organized…and well…. just incredible..period.

Colorado Choir2013photoIn fact, the 1982 quote from the Frank and Ernest cartoon that declared that Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Astaire did except backwards and in high heels has nothing on Liebhauser because she can do everything that a fully staffed office can do but with email and a wonderful singing voice. In her spare time, Liebhauser sings in two choirs including The Colorado Choir, does yoga, is married to Glendale Chamber ambassador Bob Liebhauser (owner of ActionCoach) and has grandkids!!

There are many ways that Liebhauser makes professional membership in the Greater Glendale Chamber easy and she has a few tips to make the process even smoother. “If you can RSVP by 11:00AM on the days of events, that makes it easier to generate the correct name tags and let the venues know a final count.”  She goes onto say that providing photos in jpeg or tif format allows for better reproduction in the newsletter and on the various social media channels maintained by the Chamber including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Despite her busy schedule, Liebhauser always has time to answer member questions and is a great resource for services and networking opportunities offered exclusively to the membership. Many questions can be answered on the Chamber website but feel free to call the Chamber office if you need further details or are interested in hosting an event.

Contact Sherri at 303-584-4181 or visit the website at