tknd_com_pub (1)Denver hasn’t always been known for it’s creative cuisine. However, as the second fastest growing city in the U.S. (behind Austin) that is all changing. According to a 2014 NPR article, the recession caused a flatline for restaurants but as the country has recovered, in fast growing cities such as Austin, Nashville, and Denver food is the thing.

The Kitchen Next Door is one such emerging local restaurant. The committment to offering tantalizing fare, all the while honoring the long held traditions of local farmers and sustainable living, is sure to warm the hearts of foodies and casual diners alike. Nestled in the heart of Glendale’s CitySet Project, The Kitchen Next Door offers the perfect balance of “mindful eco-practices with inspired flavorful dishes.” According to General Manager Jordan Hoeffner, “We believe in community through food. Gathering around the table and sharing good food and drink is what connects us as family, friends, and community.” TKND burger

The creative menu is simple but full of delicious shared plates, as well as sandwich, salad, and dessert options. The organic food is enhanced by the careful planning that went into the design of the restaurant. Breathtaking Colorado can be enjoyed from the rooftop patio and the clean lines of the dining room provide a relaxing, gathering place for lunch, dinner, or a late snack.

TKND SmilingServerThe Kitchen Next Door opened in 2014 and is part of a growing family of restaurants that take great pride in sourcing directly from local farmers. Hoeffner says, “We provide economic stimulation to local farm communities and create quality jobs.” This sense of community and partnership has been enhanced through The Kitchen Next Door’s  relationship with The Greater Glendale Chamber. “They are always bringing in new faces, events, and ideas on how we can become a bigger part of the Glendale community..with our philosophy of community through food we partner up great together.”

Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner so drop by for a delicious meal or you could meet up with some friends for Community Hour (Everyday from 3P-6P), the perfect opportunity to share a light snack and enjoy the community vibe of The Kitchen Next Door. See you on the patio!   Facebook The KitchenNextDoorGlendale   Twitter @NDGlendale



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