Beautiful Design: Cherish Spirits Lounge was beautifully designed by owner Bart DeLorenzo. Comfortable seating areas feature leather seats, Italian granite, and a fireplace. Reservations  can be made on Open Table or 303-CHERISH.

New High-End Lounge In Cherry Creek North Offers Tableside Cocktails In Luxurious Atmosphere

Bart DeLorenzo has lived in Cherry Creek for 30 years, so he is no stranger to the area. When the opportunity arose to lease the space formerly occupied by Venue 221 at 2nd and Detroit in Cherry Creek North, he seized the opportunity to open Cherish Spirits Lounge on May 16, 2019.

He chose the name “Cherish Spirits Lounge” because of his experience of recently losing his little brother Dean and realizing how important it is to cherish every single moment in life. The word spirits has a dual meaning for DeLorenzo as he feels that his brother is watching over him. Because of this, DeLorenzo has a “hands on” in all aspects of Cherish Spirits Lounge, including a culture of approachability and excellence.

“I wanted to offer something high-end, something special,” said DeLorenzo. “You can’t get Grey Goose here. We’ll be bringing in vodkas from Russia and Japan. Things that are harder to find and fit the flavor profile that you are used to but we want to bring something special in. We’re going to make it your way but we’re going to make it with a little twist to it and with a better premium spirit that you can’t get around.”

Tenders, as DeLorenzo calls them, come tableside to make a fresh cocktail in front of you. This concept is unique and one that is already gaining popularity at this lounge. “The industry is getting more dynamic every year. I wanted to do something out of the box and special for a while. I’ve always loved tableside and I thought if you’re going to do a high-end lounge, the way they do it in Las Vegas when you have bottle

Tapas: Meals can be shared in a comfortable setting. Cherish Spirits Lounge’s sweet spot is the before and after dinner crowd.

service, is one step toward having a VIP host cater to your every need. I wanted to take it that much further and have everything made in front of you so you could see your ingredients. You don’t have to watch your cocktail being made from across the room and sitting on the bar for two minutes diluting.”

Cherish Spirits Lounge features 15 menu items and their pocket is a before and after dinner destination. Many of the menu items are paired with featured cocktails. Tenders will guide the guest in their selections in this immersive VIP experience.

Cherish plans on having high-end parties to coincide with the Grammy’s, Oscars, the Kentucky Derby, New Year’s Eve and more. With all of these events, DeLorenzo looks to maximize his membership with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce to help promote his concept. Stay tuned for a master distiller dinner coming this summer.

DeLorenzo also focused on what his waitstaff wears and the décor inside the space. He worked with a group in the Netherlands to design leather aprons for the tenders. Tables inside the lounge are made from a granite from Italy. Attention to detail inside Cherish Spirits Lounge was painstakingly gone through.

The 17 employees are highly trained and excited to be there. “You have to find people that are willing to think outside of the box,” said DeLorenzo. “They were b

Tableside: Premium cocktails are prepared tableside by Tenders who are knowledgeable about the different types of liquor that are hard to find at other establishments in Denver.

artenders and they are excited to be at the table conversing with the client and with the understanding and knowledge and making the food and cocktails at the table.”

Cherish Spirits Lounge is about the love of delivering memorable social experiences in a nightlife setting. He specializes in excellence in service, mixology, entertainment and creatively crafted delicious sharing menu, all combined with the technology of the nightlife culture. Cherish combines two pillars of hospitality to create the demand: VIP elevated service and quality of all offerings at the highest level.

Cherish also has VIP Memberships available. VIP members receive a membership card that affords them many VIP services such as a locker in Cherish Spirits Lounge for one year, special bottles only available from Master Distillers, a VIP access phone number for reservations and other needs, preferred seating and VIP tickets to several select Cherish events throughout the year.

When VIP guests purchase one of each bottle of the Rum, Bourbon and Whiskey selections, their name is recorded in the spirits log displayed at Cherish. Once the challenge is complete, the VIP Guest receives a free bottle in their locker.

For more information or reservations, visit or call 303-CHERISH. Cherish Spirits Lounge opens at 4 p.m. each day with a Tender’s™ Love & Care that lasts until 8 p.m. Cherish is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Cherish Spirits Lounge is already booking for holiday parties so make your call today.