National experts say thousands of seniors and their families every year explore options for in-home support and there is a new choice for those in the Denver-Aurora area.

Hallmark Homecare, Inc., a rapidly growing Caregiver Search, Recruitment and Placement company is opening its newest expansion right here in metro Denver. It will be directed by Carrie Salazar and Joann Thompson who have joined Hallmark Homecare as a franchise partner.

Hallmark Homecare is an affiliate of The Senior’s Choice, the largest and most recognized membership network of senior care providers in the world and has discovered that many clients prefer to directly hire independent caregivers rather than go through a traditional senior care agency. Salazar and Thompson say this model gives the families more direct control, is more affordable and ensures that the same caregiver comes to the home every visit.

Salazar says, “Our client-directed model is becoming increasingly necessary for many due to the escalating cost of in-home care.” She adds, “I am proud to join Hallmark Homecare in providing our community with a powerful senior care option, one in which families can legally hire quality professional caregivers directly to provide their loved ones with the in-home care that they deserve, all without breaking the bank.”

Hallmark provides access to insured, background-checked, credentialed and experienced caregivers with verified professional references. Salazar explains, “Through Hallmark Homecare you are able to choose from the best caregivers available, thanks to our years of experience, our rigorous screening process and our ability to tap into a vast network of caregivers throughout the nation.”

She says, “Today’s traditional senior care agencies are suitable for some people. However, if affordability is a primary concern or if you’re interested in having a more integral role in the decision making process and controlling the care you or your loved one receives then Hallmark Homecare might be the perfect match for you.”  

Salazar points out the Hallmark Homecare model cuts out the middleman and passes the savings on to the clients, saving as much as 50% or more compared to the alternatives. She adds that allows you to pay your caregiver more than they would make with a traditional agency and that results in a happier caregiver, better care and improved caregiver continuity.

Salazar recognizes that consistency of care is important. “When we place a caregiver that you really like, the duration and scope that the caregiver provides is entirely up to you, not an agency that you may have engaged that can re-assign your caregiver to other clients. Your caregiver works for you, under your control and will be with you for as long as you desire.”

The company makes the entire process smooth. Hallmark Homecare will guide you through the process of arranging appropriate worker’s compensation insurance and automated payroll and tax processing services. And if, within the first 90 days of service, your caregiver decides to quit or you want to replace the person for whatever reason Hallmark will replace your caregiver for no additional fee.

For more information you can visit or call 303-363-7989.