Great Play

Looking for a place to take your kids to play that is fun, interactive and creative?  Look no further than Great Play of Cherry Creek.  Specializing in activities for kids six months to five years old, Great Play offers motor skill, sports skill and physical education classes that focus on each child’s overall development.

Boy with instructor learning throwingAccording to franchise owner and Glendale Chamber member Laura L’Herault, the Great Play curriculum achieves the most effective combination of instruction and activity by developing motor, stability and manipulative skills.  L’Herault and her husband Greg take a special interest in activities for kids because they want the best for their son Evan.

“I was a recruiter for 19 years and was looking for a job/career change,” L’Herault said.  “The best part of the job is getting to know the kids and parents that come to Great Play each week.”

Located at 760 S. Colorado Boulevard in Glendale, L’Herault says that business is thriving.

“We had a very strong opening last February and our numbers and enrollment increase each week.  I love that I am the owner of a kid’s gym in the area. There is nothing else like Great Play and we have had a huge, positive response from the families that attend Great Play.”

When asked what sets Great Play apart from other children’s gyms, L’Herault said that Great Play offers variety and that each class is different each week with new games, activities, instruction and stations.

“Virtually all of the activities are activities the children can do by themselves with our coaches assisting them or spotting them for safety purposes,” she explained.  “All parts of Great Play are imaginative and creative – the technology, the curriculum and the staff.”

According to L’Herault, one of the biggest draws is the Interactive Area which features fun, technological activities like the Throwing Walls.  Unique to Great Play, the Throwing Walls allow kids to practice their throwing skills in an interactive way.  For example one of the screens looks like a row of bottles at a carnival and the kids get to throw a ball at the wall/screen and the bottles break.  Another screen features balloons and the kids throw the ball and the balloons break.

Although L’Herault is new to the Chamber, she says the people she has met so far have been “great, friendly and willing to spread the word about Great Play.”

She said that she decided to join the Chamber to meet and network with local businesses and is looking forward to attending future events.

For more information visit Great Play’s website or call 303-955-0287.