David Lewis of Select Home CareAllowing someone into your home or your loved one’s home can be stressful which is why an experienced and caring team is necessary.  Select Home Care Denver is an alternative to long-term facilities for seniors and disabled individuals who need extended care.  Our expert caregivers offer exceptional care customized to you or your loved one.

Select Home Care Denver manager and new Glendale Chamber member David Lewis began his own at home care business in 2007 after years in the industry.  Drawing on inspiration from his grandmother’s care, Lewis set out to translate that unique care to all of the deserving seniors and disabled individuals in the Denver area.

“When I arrived in Colorado from California I met some amazing families and learned quickly the need for exceptional senior care in the Denver area,” David said. “Since then we have grown into a service that offers not only expert caregiving services but companions who truly, deeply care for our clients.”

He continued, “The bonding that takes place between a caregiver and care receiver is a truly unique and amazing relationship. It is important for seniors and disabled individuals to create such a bond to not only build trust but security.”

Personalized Care

According to David, Select Home Care Denver’s services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and compatibility is guaranteed.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of continuity of service for our clients,” he explained.  “Having the same caregiver offers priceless stability for clients and family members.  Our staff are professional, experienced and most of all, caring. Not just medical professionals, Select Home Care’s staff are friends.”

Customizable to each client, Select Home Care’s services include anything from meal preparation, bed and bath services, housekeeping and transportation to companion care.  These services are available from a few hours a week to 24/7.

“Our staff is educated, trained and hand-picked through a tedious process and because of that our caregiving services go beyond other home care services,” David stated. “We are a non-medical home care service that can honestly be trusted.”

Overall, Select Home Care Denver seeks to empower individuals throughout the Denver area to be able to live independently in their beautiful Colorado homes for as long as possible.

Added David, “Being at home with peace of mind and comforting security is what it is all about. We are here to help make that happen in any way we can.”

David said that Select Home Care is proud to be a new member of the Glendale Chamber and looks forward to meeting and working with all of the other great small businesses in the community.

For more information visit www.selecthomecaredenver.com or email David at dlewis@selecthomecare.com.

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