Teacher And Performer: Casey Loudin has been teaching piano since 2015 and opened up her own business after graduating from the University of Denver with her Master’s last Spring. Loudin is also available to perform at corporate and private gigs.

Loud And Proud: The studio is located on the ground floor of Workshops in Glendale. Loud and Proud was started in July 2020 and moved into their studio in June 2021.

Loud and Proud Piano started offering lessons to adults and children in July 2020. They opened up their own space in Workshops in Glendale, in June 2021. The quaint ground floor studio allows students to take their lessons on the Kawai piano in a studio.

Casey Loudin, owner of Loud and Proud Piano, graduated from University of Denver last year and she has been playing piano since she was four years of age learning from her mother who is also a piano teacher. When she turned 16, she knew she wanted to pursue this as a career.

Loudin received her Master’s degree in Music with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Denver, Lamont School of Music in Spring 2020 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, in Spring 2018. Her desire to complete these two degrees has been driven by the philosophy that being a piano teacher begins with teaching people followed by sharing the joy of making music. “While being in school for six years, I knew that I was eventually going to be a piano teacher,” said Loudin. “My goal was to have my own space. This [Workshops] is really close to DU and elementary schools so it is a prime location for a piano studio.”

Loudin has been teaching since 2015 and is very grateful for the teaching opportunities given to her thus far. Throughout her years of being a full-time student, she started a music studio in Huntsville, Alabama, through a private elementary school. Students in her studio enjoyed multiple recitals, a personalized curriculum, and group classes. While a student at the University of Denver, she was a teacher in the Piano Prep Program and taught group and private classes for younger students as well as Recreational Music Making classes which were geared toward beginning adults. She also wor

Family: Casey Loudin and her husband James enjoy living in Colorado.

ked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for DU and taught a piano course that included an individualized curriculum for each college student registered for her course. Now, as a resident of Denver with a completed Master of Music degree, she is excited to grow her piano studio and help all children and adults find the music inside of them.

“I really like working with adult students,” said Loudin. “I like the kids as well. They are so much fun. I love their energy. But I wrote my Master’s thesis on adult education in the 21st Century. I really like to work with adults who have taken lessons when they were younger and they’re just now coming back to it because I love to see the spark and joy come back to life with the music.”

One thing that makes Loudin stand out from other piano teachers is the full comprehensive way of learning. “It is not just about learning the notes or just learning by ear,” said Loudin. “It’s a combination of both and I have school to thank for that. They really encouraged us to be able to teach both ways.”

Loudin’s favorite composer is Franz Liszt who composed Un Sospiro (Italian phrase meaning “A Sigh”). “He is my favorite composer because I performed Un Sospiro for my undergraduate recital and it was by far my favorite performance. Ever since playing that piece, he has been one of my favorites. He had really big hands and his chords are really broad. He uses all 88 keys of the piano rather than just low or high. He really stretches all the way from top to bottom.” On a technical level, Un Sospiro is a skillfully delivered magic trick. Its score sprawls onto three musical staves and it sounds as if it requires, at minimum, three large and dexterous hands.

Loudin is a proud new member of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “I joined the Chamber because my husband used to work at 1st Bank and he went to a few of the events and he always talked about how they were well set up and everyone was always really nice. I was thinking I am new to Glendale and how in the world can I make myself known and meet other people that are in Glendale? After the event at Workshops, I am super thankful that I have joined.”

Cost of tuition for lessons at Loud and Proud Piano includes 43 private lessons throughout the year. Each lesson is 45 minutes long with a different rate depending on the payment plan you choose. Before commitment to a lesson, you can take advantage of a free trial lesson that runs about 30 minutes. Chronicle readers can get 10% off their first month by mentioning this article. For more information, visit www.loudandproudpiano.com. Loud and Proud Piano is located at Workshops, 4340 E. Kentucky Ave. in Glendale.