Barb Wyatt and her staff

Once again the Glendale After hours program had another successful gathering after swooping in to Butler Rents. Over 75 Chamber members attended on a beautiful spring evening – the sunshine illuminated the dazzling showroom filled with sparkling tableware and brightly colored cloths of all types. Our wonderful host, owner Barb Wyatt regaled the crowd with a few anecdotes of Butler Rents, reminding us of the rich history that thrives in our little city. Steven Brutosky and his crew from the Glendale Super Target catered the event providing beverages, wonderful snack wraps (which were incredibly delicious) and a beautiful cake. Mayor Larry Harte addressed the group as usual, filling us in on recent events and awards for Chamber members.

Butler Rents cake courtesy of Glendale Supertarget

The cheerful and smiling staff were more than happy to give tours: the facility is massive, stretching further back into the landscape than seems possible. With over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space Butler Rents has everything you need for any kind and size of party – including tents, dance floors, and lights, not to mention every possible type of dish you could imagine needing, uncountable varieties of tablecloths, and the list goes on. I would not have been surprised to find an ancient artifact hidden away somewhere. In addition to the party supplies, the facility also contains everything they need to clean up afterwards; an entire bank of washers and dryers and a dish-washing set up that rivals any restaurant around.

Tamara Gifford, Forum Hair Studio; Chris Klapp, America's Mortgage; Larry Harte, Glendale Chamber Executive Director; Melissa Berg, Air Denver; Art Davis, Royal Maintenance

An outlying building next door where they clean the tents is having a giant tent washing machine installed, whereas it has all been done by hand until now. Check out their website for a video tour, or stop by to say hi at 870 S. Colorado Blvd in Glendale.