Larry Harte, Executive Director of the Chamber, Erin Kelenc and Brian Lahey, our hosts from Whole Foods

Whole Foods’ Paradise Café Historic Glendale Display

Have you been upstairs in the Glendale Whole Foodsrecently? If not, you are in for a special treat. The wall of their Paradise Café is filled with recent and historical comparison pictures of various landmarks in Glendale. Whole Foods marketing specialist, Rachel Lindhagen, read the book “The History of Glendale” and thought about displaying historical pictures. She enlisted the help of fellow Whole Foods employee, Rick Nelson, and together they developed the project. Rick grew up in the Aurora area and as a young adult looking for an evening of fun and entertainment, the only place to go in the Denver area was Glendale! He recalls many times driving into Glendale, parking his car and walking from club to club. Glendale was known once as the ‘richest square mile’ in Denver because of this highly popular entertainment district.

Clint Schmitz and Bree Holcombe at Whole Foods Meet and Greet

Rick lent his historical hat, helping to identify landmarks in the old photos, then he helped take current pictures to provide the comparison. Rachel relied on the book to guide her with captions explaining what happened to older buildings, roads, swimming holes and theatres.

Be sure to make time for a visit to Whole Foods deli, grab something delicious, and eat upstairs while enjoying this fantastic photo display!

Whole Foods is located at 870 South Colorado Blvd.