Neighborhood Gem: Outdoor games are abundant at Game Lounge, a Park Hill neighborhood gem.

Convenient Location: Game Lounge is located at 1490 Eudora Street in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver.

Located in the Park Hill neighborhood, the Game Lounge is Denver’s premier board game-themed restaurant. Game Lounge features excellent chef-driven food, delicious and creative craft cocktails and many board games to play for free as well as outdoor games. Cool music is spun on vinyl and it all happens in an atmosphere that promotes a truly fantastic time for you, your friends and family, and friends you have not yet met.

Game Lounge strives to be good global citizens and works to have the least amount of waste possible by reducing, reusing and recycling as well as composting when they can. They use repurposed astroturf lines on their patio and they are 100 percent wind powered. Game Lounge is always on the lookout for ways to leave less of a footprint.

Giving back to the community is something they value deeply. They have been host to numerous non-profit and school fundraising events at the Lounge but they’ve also participated in events around Denver. Game Lounge uses local brands as often as they can. They feature Rocky Mountain Soda, Unicorn Riot (they were the first bar to ever have it), Infinite Monkey, and rotating

Games Galore: There are plenty of board games available to play at Game Lounge. All games can be played for free while enjoying an excellent and well-crafted menu.

taps featuring Colorado breweries. They try to keep it local because it’s more sustainable.

Reviews on platforms such as Yelp are solid including Nick S.’s recent review: “I have been coming here since they have opened and are thankful to have them in the neighborhood! Not just a place to play games, but a very well-thought-out menu and creative drinks, and fun/ engaging employees to top it off. Definitely a place worth having in your regular rotation of local haunts if you give them a chance.”

It’s all food and games at the Game Lounge. And that means that the food and drinks are not a second thought. They are one of our main focuses. The carefully prepared food created by their chef and his team and the delicious drinks are the perfect pairing for a great time playing the board games.

The Game Lounge is a fun stress-free work environment and learning opportunities abound for hospitality training and figuring out new games. They pay their team competitive wages and advocate for better shared benefits for workers in the community and state.

Game Lounge wants you to play with your friends, coworkers or family. Booking is available during operational and non-operational hours. Contact them today to book your next party big or small. Send an e-mail to

Game Lounge is located at 1490 Eudora Street in Denver. Take advantage of free parking after 6 p.m. at the Peerless Tire across the street. Follow Game Lounge on Twitter @GameDenver or Facebook @The DenverGameLounge. Visit for more information.