The Workshops – Space to Work…Space to Grow

What is the foundation of our community? Marty Amble is pretty sure he knows. It’s the people, and people need a place to grow and thrive. If home is where the heart is, your office is a place to create stability for you and your family, to create new business and employment opportunities, and to pursue the professional goals you’ve set for yourself. The Workshops – a place to turn your passion into part of the working community.

Marty Amble, a real estate developer and property manager, wanted to create just such a place. So, for the past five years, he has been nurturing the growth and development of The Workshops, a unique undertaking located in the heart of Glendale directly across from Infinity Park and adjacent to Home Depot. Plug 4340 E. Kentucky into your GPS, and your car will practically drive itself there.

Marty in front of the Workshops

Marty in front of the Workshops

The Workshops was erected in 1997 as a strip of arts and craft studios fronted by roll-up garage doors. Newly renovated to fit a modern business aesthetic, the building has been transformed into four stories of art studios, office space, and retail shops.

The Workshops now houses 184 units ranging in size from 56 square feet to 600 square feet and is running at 90% occupancy. There are conference rooms, a keyed entry and room-to-room intercom for security purposes, and affordable rents.

The ground level of the Workshops is dedicated to walk-in storefronts. The upper floors house studios and professional offices and suites. The diversity of tenants is one of The Workshops’ pride and joys and includes artists and writers, therapists and counselors, landscapers and hair stylists, and even a pilates studio.

These are the people who have come together to create a successful and prosperous business environment. More importantly, they have come together to form a space to work and a space to grow. This is the vision that Marty Amble had for the Workshops, and the flourishing environment that has resulted from this vision is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of an entire community. For more information, give Marty a call: 303-758-1900 or visit their Web site:, or just stop by 4340 E Kentucky and take a tour!

The Workships