Glendale’s First Relay For Life Fundraiser

Slated For 2013

Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society is seeking volunteers and participants for the first-ever Relay for Life of Glendale set for summer of 2013.

Relay For Life events are held overnight as individuals and teams camp out at an athletic track, park or other gathering area with the goal of keeping at least one team member on the track or pathway at all times throughout the evening. Teams do most of their fundraising prior to the event, but some teams also hold creative fundraisers at their camp sites during Relay. The event helps further the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

“Relay For Life will give the Glendale community a unique opportunity to contribute to the American Cancer Society’s mission of saving lives by helping people stay well, by helping them get well, by finding cures and by fighting back,” said American Cancer Society Community Relationship Manager Margo Pergola. “Residents who give their time, energy and financial commitment to this exciting event are really standing up for the community and its pledge to join the fight.”

The world’s largest grassroots fundraising movement, Relay For Life mobilizes communities throughout the country to celebrate people who have battled cancer or are remembering lost loved ones. The fundraiser also provides participants with an opportunity to fight back against the disease.

Organizers are currently working to gauge interest and engage volunteers in recruiting and assembling teams, seeking community support, coordinating logistics, securing donations and services and lending their support in any way.

For more information or to volunteer for or participate in the Relay For Life of Glendale event contact Margo Pergola at (720) 524-5453 or


ACS Relay for LifeThe American Cancer Society combines an unyielding passion with nearly a century of experience to save lives and end cancer for good. A global grassroots force of three million volunteers, the American Cancer Society is the nation’s largest non-governmental investor in cancer research, contributing more than $3.8 billion. An estimated 13.7 million people in America who have had cancer and countless more who have avoided it will be celebrating birthdays this year. To learn more or to get help, call 1-800-227-2345 anytime, day or night, or visit